Mods I want added

1. A new farm design.

  • It has been MONTHS since I lasted played AoE2: HD, but there was a mod that I really enjoyed and that was Nittlepick’s Farm mod, which changed the look of farms to have a more variety of crops and plants instead of the usual green-sprouts that farms normally have. I would love to see such a mod be introduced into Definite Edition by an individual modder, or by the devs themselves.

(Nittlepick, if you are reading this, just want to let you know, I really enjoy this mod of yours!)

2. Wingless Hussar

  • I honestly like the Hussar wings, and how they reference the famous Polish winged hussars. But I would like there to be a mod like the one I found on AoE2: HD to remove the wings, because I think that the wings take away some of the attention from the neat round shield on the back of the cavalryman.

3. Mod that changes the Castle for Chinese, Vietnamese, Koreans and Mongols to look more like a Chinese castle and not a Japanese castle.

  • Honestly, I am fine with the current East Asian castle design. But some people have criticized it for being based more on a Japanese castle design. And while Koreans, Chinese, Mongols, Vietnamese, and Japanese historically all share a similar architecture style, there are some differences.
    And I also thought: "If the Burgundians have the Western Euro architecture and yet still have a different Castle design to the other West Euro civs, the Britons, the Franks, and the Celts, why not add a new castle design that fits more for the mainland East Asians?

4. Mod that changes Byzantine architecture to NOT be the same as the Mediterranean architecture style shared with the Portuguese, the Spanish, the Sicilians, and the Italians.

The Byzantine Greeks, while sharing SOME similarities to the style of the Italian builders, nonetheless had their own building style in the Medieval Ages. I also fine it a tad annoying that the Byzantine Wonder, the Hagia Sophia is a brown building that sticks out like a sore thumb, among the white-washed Italian Mediterranean architecture. I would like to see a Byzantine building mod that gives them a more brown-colored texture that fits more with Constantinople.

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Good suggestions, but Chinese/Vietnamese need a seperate architecture set imo rather than Castles.

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