Mods not showing up for download

Hi all

Have tried a few other troubleshoots (i.e. deleting mods folder, reinstalling the game/steam) but can’t manage to make it work.

Mods aren’t showing for my to download in the ingame Mods section. Have also tried to download the mods’ files (i.e. small trees) and save it in the mods folder but didn’t turned out greatly too… I ran out of ideas now!

Does somebody knows the fix for this?

Thanks in advance

Hi guys, does somebody knows a fix for this?

Those big trees are really annoying, lol

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you are using windows 8 or windows 7? its a known issue reported doesnt look like they’ll fix.

Running it in windows 7. I saw that it could be related to permission issues but couldn’t find any hotfix.

this is the thread of reported problem