Mods not working!

I have AoE3 DE on steam.
None of the mods I download work for me, let it be flag replacers, or UI mods!
The mods in question are the following:
-Act 1 Blood Maltese Flag
-Trasparent Ageup UI
-Legacy UI Tweaks

What might be the issue that make any mod I download not work?
I have verified game cache, and have deleted the mod-status.json
Thanks in advance!

  1. Some UI mods, dont work anymore since there was a new DLC with new UI contend, wich makes them need to redo everything… Wich can take a while
  2. Having the game not on the main Windows drive can cause many issues.
  3. Try running the game as admin
  4. enable the mod and restart the game.
  5. Report back is none worked.

The mods i download have empty folders, aka no mod downloads even tho the game says it did, I did all the steps you recomended, didnt work sadly.

Do you have some 3rd party Antivir installed ?
If yes, try disabling it, or deinstall completely, since they are mostly horrible adware slowing down your computer for no reason.

i do not, only Windows Anti Virus

This usually can only be a issue with permissions :confused:
2 more options
Check if the aoe folder (where the mods are ) has a " read only " checked, if yes remove that

  1. Run steam as admin. And then boot the game from that

It is read only for some reason, but when i change it to not be read only and refesh the file browser, it reverts back to read only for some reason!?

I just checked the discord, the last guys issue we fixed by having him run steam as admin