Mods of "AoE Anniversary" for AOE2 are gone

I completed all the tasks during the anniversary. But after the event, all the sounds and skins received disappeared from the list (the “Vololo” sound, the legionnaire’s skin and the scout’s skin).

Age 1 DE Anniversary 2020 mod should make you happy :slightly_smiling_face:


What is weird is that somehow the Champion skin and Wololo sounds are still there for me…

Thanks). This became a kind of salvation, since the standard sound of a monk is unpleasant to the ears. Of course, it’s strange and unpleasant that the award was taken away, but to get the sound out of this mod is also a good option.

During the anniversary event i unlocked all the daily challenges. Now all the mods unlocked are disabled and does no longer show in the mod panel. How can i get them back (AoE1 monk skin, sound etc.)?

I completed the challenges for the anniversary event a few weeks ago but I had to re install the game and now the rewards are gone :confused: is there a way to get them back? I really liked the visual changes


You are finding theres in MODS. Search to anniversery and you will find them.