Mods that reinvigorated my interest in the game

I used to play AoE3:DE a lot last year, but after 1400 hours in-game and a noticeable slow down on the updates schedule I began to lose interest. Other games, and real life, got in the way and stayed mostly away from AoE3 for almost a year. Recently, with the free trial update and a new glimmer of hope for future content, I returned to the game.
I also began to mess around with mods. Just using a combination of 3 simple mods made the game feel fresh again and am currently having fun like I haven’t had in a good while. I am using:

  1. Stacked Deck(Plus 15) by Archipaín

  2. 4x Experience Trickle Standalone by Decline

  3. Just 400 Population by NooR4081

Stacked Deck allows you to use all 40 Slots in your deck instead of the regular 25, which allowed me to play around with cards and strategies that I would otherwise never consider because of the strict 25 cards limit. The 4x XP trickle increase speed up games a lot, without breaking them with near infinite shipments and pairs up nicely with the enlarged decks. Finally the 400 Population makes the late game more interesting as it allows you to field larger armies and makes late game techs like Immigration more useful. I’m having a blast with them and I can’t even think of coming back to unmodded skirmishes for a while.
I want to know if anyone else here is having a similar experience and what other mods you would reccomend?

That’s great for you ! Glad you are back in the game.
Me personally wouldn’t use such mods, they break any kind of balancing in the game , + in skirmish it’s basically wasted potential, since the AI will never go beyond 200pop anyway ^^
I’m unsure about the cards tho, does the AI use the 40 slots ?

Play Mexico / Maya Rev with the mods xD

They do go over 200, by accident, but they do.

No, that’s the most unsatisfying part… I wish I could see what the AI would come up with using larger decks. The 4x XP Trickle works for both player and AI and it’s surprisingly balanced.

I have been 1107 hours and I am going through the campaigns again, because I no longer have any more content…

There is the Hammerhead AI mod and Seawall AI in case you are looking for slightly more competent AI to fight though not sure if they work on new civs.