Monastery Improvement idea

Monastery improvement idea

Miracle: Monks heal faster. Imperial Age

500 Golds 500 Foods 500 Woods

Crusade: +35% HP for monks. Imperial Age

800 Golds 500 food.

Walk of Faith: Imperial Age

Monk +20% speed.

Chatted: Imperial Age

Relics generate more gold.

1000 Golds

Beneficial faith: Imperial Age

The church are slowly healing the units around.

800 Golds 600 Foods

Depending the civilisations, some cards will be here or not.

I’m super biased here, because I don’t like using monks. Don’t plan to start learning it for a while either. But from my ignorant position I feel like monks already get quite a few upgrades. Not sure they need more of them.

I’m also not sure how much these add, as monks are just generally too hard to micro deep in imperial age when you have both access to these techs and deep enough pockets to pay for them.

If that previous sentence somehow didn’t apply I feel like some of them would be pretty strong. Another +30% speed for instance gives monks a speed of 1.05, almost as fast as an eagle. At least theoretically these monks could kite halberdiers. But credit where credit is due, this whole post feels more balanced than some of the ideas I critiqued a few days ago.

Yeah true i admit that my version of Gendarmes was overpowered, i will make a futur post i guess, with your advices.

Maybe less speed then i would suggest then + 20%, for the rest i think they need to be better, because in Imperial Age Monks become very obsolete.

With all the monastery update and fast in Imperial Age Monks are useless except for healings but castle are much better this is why they need to make others update for make them better in Imperial Age.

Leave monks alone. They fine as they are. No need for wild changes. Maybe a new civ with strong monks, but nothing crazy.

No i won’t leave them, because they are quite obsolete after castle age, they need to make them better, because they are just useless honestly in imperial age.