Monastery - more cultural/religion expressions

Looking at the monastery building I have come to realize that it is solely based upon the classic Age of Kings, thus, mainly western religious culture.

After tons os expansions, especially in the asian, south american and african nations, I think there should be other types of technologies and units for those group civs.

So, just as the Spanish have their unique unit, the missionary, I think it is about time other civs got some of their own group techs and units. By group I mean culture or religion, like hindustanis, guarjaras and dravidians were one civ, persians, sarracens and berbers share similarities. Other african civ also share, just as the Mezo civs do.

Some exemples that come to mind (forget the names, it’s just a thought):

  • Mezo-civs:

    Sacrifice (castle tech): deleting villagers converts half its cost in gold (v.g., 25 gold per killed vill).

    Sun God Worship (imp tech): increase relic gold income by 50%; monk carrying relic have increased
    armor (or speed).

    Pachamama (imp tech): wood collectors also collects some food (from the forest…). Wood last 20%

    “Totem bearer” (better name, please) (unit): a special monk that can only act if carrying a relic. While
    doing so, he gives +5% move and attack speed and +1 melee attack to close units (something
    between 4-6 radius). This could be cumulative with other Totem-monks nearby.

  • Some eastern civs (more like budists countries, i.e., bengalis, vietnamites…):

    Sutras (castle tech): similar to block-printing, but in castle age (+2 range). This would prevent block-
    printing tech.

    Mahayana (they would change the name of the bengalis castle tech - imp tech): monks can convert
    building from distance, at significant time increase.

    Warrior monk (castle): a decent fast melee (but more expensive and with low armor) unit that also
    heals other units at slow rate and close range. Can’t carry relic or convert. Good vs. archers and

  • Some african civs:

    Possession (castle tech): reduced convertion range at exchange of much faster rate.

    Ingenuity (castle tech): monks can spend their convertion to repair up to half a siege unit’s lost HP.

    Offerend (castle tech): greatly increase monastery production rate or decreases monks cost.

  • Some middle-eastern civs:

    Jihadism (imp tech): increase military production by 5%, or decrease military unit cost by 5%, or
    increase military and monastery unit HP by 5.

    Sufism: (imp tech): monks can “heal” each other conversion rate.

    Zealotry (imp tech): just like AoE 1 (Villagers get extra attack, speed, and HP, but without carry

Well, most of this would change a lot of the game, but I think there is space for innovation, not necessarily those, but someething to reflect other group cultures (besides western churches) that is not just their unique tech.
I tihnk that a group culture general thing is the next step for innvovating the game, instead of just making more new civs.

Thanks for reading.