Abuse it while you can assholes.

100% unbeatable. The Mongol player builds a ger or two at their base, then speed-TC rushes with their only TC. Your villagers have to chase it to burn it down, until they put some spears in it at which point you have to garrison inside your TC, while the Mongol player mines slowley from home.

(I’ve tried denying with scouts, doesn’t work.)

Hot patch.

Frost giant save the genre amen.

We already know. There are already a dozen threads about it. There’s already been a dev response it’s being fixed.

Would you like to learn how? Age of Empires 4: How to Counter the Mongol TC Rush - YouTube

Still pretty ridiculous but hey its not 100%

Idk, last straw for me I’m going back to sc2. gl guys.

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Builds proxy pylon and cannons behind your minerals
Builds hatchery at your natural
Builds 2, 6min battle cruiser and ports them into your mineral line

Have fun

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