Mongol AI idle after spring update

I played a game on Altai. Me with Rus versus the hardest AI with Mongols. When I scouted their area, I realized that the AI wasn’t doing anything. The villagers were just standing there, the towncenter was still packed. Only the Khan attacked my scout. The AI stayed in this state and didn’t do anything for the rest of the game except for the Khan.

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Thank you for the report @RubyLykos! Any chance you have additional map details (seed, biome)?

Much appreciated!

@SavageEmpire566 This happened to me too (with hardest AI) and it was on MegaRandom, don’t know the seed unfortunately.


Had the same, Mega random, Royal rumble, against Mongols, all idle.

My map seed was 538c9bb7. Biome was Asian Temperate.

I also had the same issue on the new crafted map during PUP.


same happened right now… Seed is 1b8ceb55. MegaRandom map with Advanced Settings game mode.

Started as nomad, biome is Asian Temperate. If you need to know more, the game is currently in my latest games (custom game)…

There is an improvement for this we’re testing internally, so should be coming soon! Thanks, all!