Mongol AI idle

After the latest update, the Mongol AI has remained idle in modded modes.
I do not know what has been changed in the settings but the mongols just stand idle in their base doing nothing.
Is there a fix, or a specific location I need to look in to to fix this issue?

The mod itself is called “Totally Accurate Empires”
Everything was working fine, right up until the new update that brought changes to them.

Any news so far?
I’m, still struggling to figure it out.

Hey @MajorWhite9357! What map were you playing when you saw this behavior?

The map I tried played on was Mountain Pass.
When I removed the mod they worked like normal.
But once I add the mod after the recent update, they just remain idle.
So I am clueless as you what broke.

  • Update
    I tried crafted map just now. And it’s working fine with the mod.
    So it seems to be that map specifically that broke.