Mongol AI is not doing anything


I’d like to report a bug that I saw today after the patch went live, were one of the AI (Hard) was afk and didn’t build anything the whole game. After somewhat 30 minutes they were still standing there with the starting positions and haven’t done anything except moving around the Khan around the map.

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Thank you for reporting @Fyrapan90! If you can provide a game mode, map type, map seed, any mods enabled, it would be extremely helpful. Appreciated!

We played the following:

Mode: Standard (Custom lobby)
Map: Black forrest
Mods: No mods installed for this issue to occur
Players: 6 players in a 8 player created map

I’m not sure how to find out the map seed but it was 8 player black forrest with 6 players in it.

I was just going to come here and say the same thing.

The answer is Mongols. Mongols, I’ve seen in several of my Hardest AI games, sit around and do NOTHING but have the Khan roam around.

For example the game I’m currently re-watching to confirm this:

Also black forest, go figure
2v2v2, from one of the pre-made scenario options offered under skirmish.

I suppose the town center not being set up is what causes the issue?
Yellow is Mongols on this chart.

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Thank you @Fyrapan90 and @AdaGameFreak64! We appreciate the reports! The AI team is currently working on a fix that should help with this.

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