Mongol AI occasionally glitches and does nothing

I was in a 2v2 game vs AI on Altai. One of the enemy AI, a Mongol, did not do anything for nearly 10 minutes. We scouted its 6 villagers and town center wagon just sitting there idle. It did not even immediately respond to getting attacked. We killed a couple villagers with scouts while they were busy killing our sheep. The wagon did not move until it was at 40% health, scurrying a short distance and finally placing itself at 10 minutes into the game.

No other clues as to why it happened, but I believe it has happened in other games that I just didn’t notice. Occasionally Mongol AI seemed to be very far behind everyone else, perhaps because of this glitch. I would link the replay because it was pretty funny but IDK how to collect replays.

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Hey @Heftydogg! What difficulty was the AI?

The AI was hardest difficulty.

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I reported this already. Seems that the AI script has as 1st action “Build ovoo”. If the map generation does not provide stone within the line of sight at startup, the AI freezes. Anyway, that was my conclusion after I saw my replay.

Could you also see your replay and determine if there’s stone within the line of sight of the Mongol player that did nothing?

Thank you @Heftydogg. We’re working on this. Appreciate the report!

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The match seems to have vanished from my history page. But I don’t recall there being any resources near the mongol. He seemed to generate in an odd place, closer to the center of the map than any other player.

Hello I encountered this glitch again today.

3v3 vs Hardest AI, on Mongolian Heights.

Enemy was Mongol, Mongol, English.

One of the Mongol AI worked fine and the other was glitched. The glitched Mongol apparently never placed its town center. My army came upon it at 16 minutes into the game and the wagon didn’t even move as I destroyed it. Basically the same as last time. They did put down a ger right next to the TC, but it doesn’t look like they collected anything. They still had two starting sheep near the wagon location and it looked like a completely normal, legitimate spawn location. There was sheep, berries, gold, stone, three forests surrounding it.

Pretty puzzling stuff but I have the replay until the next patch if anyone has any clues or inquiries.


I watched the replay and the khan immediately moved while the villagers and tc sat idle. The khan pathed almost directly to a corner of the map and seemed to be repeating the move command to the coordinate it was already on - while selected, khan kept talking as if it was starting new commands but just sat in the corner all game. At 13 minutes into the game the villagers randomly decided to branch off to make gers and start collecting resources, shortly before getting demolished.

The stone outcrop is out of frame but it was in their line of sight upon spawn until the khan moved away.

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Had the same issue today with 2 mongol ai in an 8 slot game. 5 players, 3 ai.

Standard game
Pop and resource mod was on
Ai was on Intermediate. If anymore details are needed, let me know.

Any chance you have map info for this one @CovertQuill9048?

Also having the same issue — Mongol AI remaining idle from start nearly 100% of the time — sometimes they gather sheep but that’s about it.

The most common version of this is that the Mongols will take time to set up the TC, and will basically stand idle until that happens, which can be upwards of 30 seconds or more.

Hey @erikson8102—does the above sound like what you’re experiencing? Or does the AI stall for the entire match? If that’s the case, do you have mods active when you see this?

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I have also observed this inactivity a few times (on different maps), but have not yet been able to identify an obvious cause.

Maybe there is a connection here:
Before the last patch, the Mon. AI was almost always inactive on ocean maps (team islands), almost reliably 9 times out of 10. (btw: I occasionally took advantage of this to complete challenges or masteries undisturbed. :grinning:)
After the patch, this largely improved, but still occurred, though much less frequently.

Pure speculation, but possibly hint for the developers:
Maybe there are uninitialized static variables in the AI script that cause the behavior after random content.

Mongols are idle for the entire match. (I am running the very popular mod ‘Advanced Game Settings’).

This is almost certainly why you’re seeing it so often, though I am curious if it is any better with the Season Four update.