Mongol AI: units stuck in own base

Multiple times I have seen a mongol played by AI, either enemy or allie, got its units stuck in its own base. Screenshot enclosed.

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Thanks @FunnierRoom4182! Do you know which difficulty of AI this was?

Hi @SavageEmpire566, at the highest difficulty each time

Got it, thanks! Appreciate the response!

Just read in the today patch note that it was fixed, thank you all for your responsiveness !

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This bug still exists a year later on literally every map.

Hey @ConQrDie! You still see this often? Are you using any mods?

As often as it can be.

I use only a mod that allows to watch AI vs AI matches.

@ConQrDie Do you see this in matches when not using that mod?

Literally on every 4 out of 5 matches.

I use that mod with friends just for entertaintment.No mongols included.

How are you interpreting that its units are stuck vs just defending home? The AI has behavior programmed to keep army at home always in case of a rush.

I could upload literally hundreds of videos showing this bug. unfortunately i don’t have enough time for that.

Apart 10 minute cycles that AI manages to send 3 units of Mangudai harassment squad to enemy, every unit piling up just like the OP posted.