Mongol army is poorly designed

1-Now that new civs are going to came up i just want to say that mongol army has been bad designed for to long i think all the mongol fans would think the same. Man we need to fight with horse archers i cant imagin why will the developers be so lazy. Just fix them put them more range just take away the shooting in movement and make them less expensive just the same as Rus with more fire speed thats all they need.

2-Then i want to said in late game is to easy to be raided playing as mongols because the lack of walls is ok if we dont have walls but we must have something castle maybe something to put our economi and villagers, because towers in castle sucks you can wipe out all towers with 10 horseman, ofcourse mongols did build castles.

3-Bro Keshiks are just bad their upgrades are to bad face 1v1 with every heavy cav in game and they will be defeted, and because they have low life they cant be in front line they just desapear the spearman make them disappear faster than others regular heavy cavalry.

4-Kaganate Palace: please make it as the english wynguard palace, is to slow and to random.

Conclusion: I think overall is time to rework mongol and make them closer to the real army of the mongol empire not to be OP but to be playable with the mounted army they where famous for and not for tower rushing and infantry.

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Keshik are also cheaper than other heavy cavalry, faster to produce and also can lifesteal. They even have faster attack speed.

The ovoo also give you the ability to train 2 at a time. You can mass keshik much faster than other civs in feudal.

Why would they 1v1 when they are cheaper?

I always make keshik when i play mongol they are really the core of the army.

Mangudai are a lot more niche but i don’t think you use them as intended as they aren’t supposed to fight against range units. Only against melee or to harass.

Walls are a problem if you reach castle/ imperial.
But with Mongol you’re supposed to take control of the map in feudal. And surround thei base with outpost so you have full vision of the map. Then you have access to all resources so walls don’t really matter but you so need outpost everywhere instead.

I think they could increase the effect of Siha Bow so that both its normal and enhanced versions give +0.5 extra range to the Mangudai. With the arrival of new Civs, and several units that will be used to do Raid (Yuan Raider, Desser Raider), I think that the Raid will have to be considered as a new mechanic and units like the Mangudai could be considered to improve so that don’t be left behind.

Well, the detail with the castle is that on a historical level, “there are not many or almost no records of Mongols building advanced fortresses”. In fact, when I was doing my concept of Timurids, I was surprised that I found almost no standing castle left from them, even though the Timurids were an empire derived from the Mongol that became Persianized, they kept the thing about not building forts.

Apparently not, they never acquired the tradition, either because of the idiosyncrasy of a strong attack being better than a defense, or because they used the forts already built by the conquered peoples. In fact, the improved towers that they were given with the Mongol Peace are a good detail to make up for that defect without going into historical inconveniences, considering what the Yam network and the fortified posts of the Silk Road were.

At the balance level, it is also necessary that the Mongols do not have a castle since the way they obtain Stone with one of their Landmarks would make it very problematic. Also because they must have some weakness to compensate for their already incredible passive economic bonuses in Ovoo technologies and building mobility.

Another solution would be to make it like the Japanese Dojo in AoE3: you can choose a group of units to produce for free, but slowly. In terms of Aoe4; like an Ottoman military school, but with groups of Khaganate units of your choice. The point is that it is a choice, unless the randomness factor is due to balance.

when the first came out if i remember correct they had a normal archer range and i was killing everything with it it was too op(sorry it was the damage they lowered it seems)

In 1v1 games keshik is huge advantage i think because of the cost and can get them at feudal

thats i agree with