Mongol - Broken textures for multiple buildings. Stables, Blacksmith, Kurultai, Dock

The mongol Stables UV is either broken or the Stables is using the wrong texture as the patterns appear misaligned for every iteration of the Stables, from Dark Age to Imperial.

Here is the Dark Age Stable.



This rim should actually be on top of the model. How do I know this? Because that is how it is portrayed in the Dark Age barracks. In it, not only does it show that cross pattern in top, it also shows ropes that run vertically down from it. In the Stable’s texture, that rope is all broken up, confirming that something is broken.

This issue keeps appearing in the other Ages, so it is safe to say that something is wrong.

Feudal Age



Feudal repeats the same issue in the same place. While the Barracks is neatly connected, the Stables one is all over the place. However, this issue becomes the most visible in Castle Age and Imperial.

Castle Age



Archer Range

Because Dark Age and Feudal uses a lot of hide, it is hard to tell what is and what isn’t meant to be there. Arriving at Castle Age makes it very obvious that something is very wrong with the Stables. Whether its UV is broken or it is using the wrong textures, I don’t know. This issue continues into Imperial as well.

EDIT: Found out the Blacksmith also features broken textures. To clarify what is wrong, as you can see in the second image, there is a little sigil that I believe is meant to be overlaid on top. However there is this weird pattern that appears both behind and infront of it in different ages (for example, it is infront in the first image. It is behind in the second), which seems random and out of place, likely broken.

Found out that the Kurultai’s texture is broken as well.

Dock seems to have the same issue of either misplaced or broken textures/UV

need i say more, this is perfectly fixable ofc, but why is this even an issue to begin with? i don’t think rushing is the only reason

Thank you for reporting with screencaps @TheAchronic. We’ll take a look!