Mongol building population bug

Iˇve already wrote it once in some summary of Mongol bugs but … It´s really annoying if your only defence is to pack buildings and run and you can´t do it because you have full population. - To pack building you need to have one population free.

Thanks @DentingOrchid7! I believe this is by design for the majority of buildings. I think the outlier is the TC, which we’re looking in to.

From the patch notes: * Landmarks are now able to Pack and Unpack while at maximum population

Whats even worse for me is that they count as military aswell. When you use the “all army” hotkey while u move a building, the building drives up into the frontline with your army and the game is over…

I guess the question then becomes: which building, besides TC, is acting as it shouldn’t?

I would say all except age 2,3,4 landmarks, ovo , dock, wonder, outpost. Since I cant pack any with 200 population. Like if I cant build keep or wall and I´m away with army and at 200 population then I can only run with landmarks and vills. So only defence I have is to build tons of outpost and invest stone into them. And I don’t see reason why it should count as population. You cant produce units or research while moving and even with buff for speed you can still burn it.

For sure I should be able to move ger at all the time.