Mongol buildings can't pack at 200/200 pop

Mongol buildings apparently need population space when packed. When I’m at 200/200, I can no longer pack up buildings.

This is very annoying late game.

Some options to fix

  1. packed buildings should not take population space
    May be some concern of having 1000 packed buildings will break the engine

  2. packed buildings should have a separate population limit
    Separate population limit for buildings which is 25% of population limit.
    200/200 units (hidden 0/50 limit for packed buildings). I pack some buildings to get 200/200 units + 30/50 buildings.

  3. packed buildings should be able to go past the limit by 10%
    (whatever %),
    buildings would still take population space with other units
    When you’re at 200/200, and you try to pack a building, you get: packed building 201/200
    When you’re at 220/200 (second limit), and you try to pack a building, you get: no population space

I’d prefer 1 or 2, because 3 would appear pretty weird for players.

Thank you for the feedback @DerSaidin! This one is by design and is not on the list to change anytime soon as far as I know. That said, we are always listening, so I’ll leave this thread open and make sure any feedback regarding this is seen.