Mongol Campaign - Keep in Xiangyang

There seems to be a bug at the end of the Fall of Xiangyang mission. once you destroy the first city and have to move to Xiangyang, it says to destroy the keep with your Huihui Pao. My Huihui Pao destroyed the keep in one shot, but the objective just telling me to destroy it. I destroyed all the other buildings and the mission won’t end.

I built a town center where the keep was and now the destroy the keep text is gone, but the mission isn’t over.

Thank you for this report @SuperZorg! We are now tracking this internally.

Hey @SuperZorg!

Any chance you can can you contact support here with your DxDiag and a Warnings.log file?

Much appreciated!

After five LONG sessions having the same issue, I just found a solution (of course after losing the Pao). Send your entire force towards the broken bridge to take fire from the keep. Move the Pao up and attack. I think it took just one shot and I didn’t lose too much of my forces.

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Has anybody been able to come up with any workarounds yet to finish? Tried everything mentioned here but no luck yet.