Mongol can have multiple ovoos

Step 1: build an ovoo
Step 2: build another ovoo
Step 3: cancel this ovoo
Step 4: build another ovoo
Step 5: cancel this ovoo
Step 6: build another ovoo
Now you have more than one ovoo.


How? I tried and it didn’t work

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Same. By build do you mean finish the building or just place the blueprint? And by cancel do you mean stop building with S or delete the finished building with DEL?

EDIT: I got it to work like this:

  1. Fully build an ovoo.
  2. Place a 2nd ovoo blueprint and then cancel it before it’s finished building.
  3. Replace the 2nd ovoo blueprint again and cancel once more before it’s finished.
  4. Replace the 2nd ovoo and finish building. Now the first ovoo won’t be destroyed.
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UwU everywhere

Good find @Xcaliperr! We appreciate the report!