[mongol] discussion about removing archer from ageII

in the aspect of gameplay, unfrequent use of mangudai and the extreme power of early age have long been the problem of mongol. Can we just simply remove archer from mongol or move it to ageIII for more frequent use of mangudai and balanced military power of Mongol’s early age. In return, mangudai may need extra +3 damage or more bonus against light infantry including both melee and ranged units, and get more enhancment in ageIII technology. Kurultai also needs to be reinforecd. It should also work without Khan and heal at double speed when khan is at side. To restrain Mongol’s development, restriction of the max number of pasture in certain age may be useful, like 1 to 7 from ageI to ageIV

it sounds reasonable that the scale of graze can’t match the scale of agriculture