Mongol Double Trade: 13:47 wonder - Is this a feature?

It came to me that on French pass, I can control traders to go the above route to get double the amount of the gold than automatic trading. Red is my market and grey is tradable market.
So I attempted on a 4v4 sized french pass with Mongol to see how fast I can build a wonder. The result seems pretty broken to me.

This can even be faster with better resource management.
I only had 30 or so vills and 20 traders and bought a ton of food and wood with gold. Imagine this is on 4v4 and your Mongol teammate gives you 5k gold minute 11.

Interesting. I think the only fix to this would be 1 neutral market to each side.

You can still use your teammate’s

Good point. I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not, but would certainly involve a bit of micro.

Looks like risk vs reward to me…sort of.

Can we get a clip to better understand what you are doing? Not sure I follow

Usually your traders go empty to the market and come loaded with gold back to your market.

By building 2 markets on the side of the free markets, he cuts out the empty walk towards the market.

The very high risk here is, is that your traders are crossing the map completely. So i think you can only take this risk if you olay against a turtle.

in a 4v4, your teammates will wall and you can send them resources.

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The actual video is in English. But I am sure you can understand even if it’s not in English.
This is a game I recorded after I achieved 13:47 placing down wonder. I intended not to gather too much food (only like 9 sheep and no berry). So I ended up around the 14-15 minute mark because of high food to gold price. But it’s still really fast.

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This actually should consider as trade bug and got patched soon…
I believe other AOE games coded to avoid this to happen

I see, but it involve quiet some micro. I tought it was automatic with shift-clic command. That would be broken