Mongol feudal weakness vs english

How are we suposed to counter either Longbow + Ram or Man at arm + Rams as Mongol in feudal? It feels veryyyyy weak.

We have no unit in feudal that use gold other then mangudai which are weak against arccher and man at arm. Mongol got no armored unit in feudal too to counter archer… I feel like theres nothing I can do.

I managed to deny my opponent his gold a couple of time with tower and early horseman aggro, but then he just focus on wood and food, mass spearman & archer. There is nothing I can do. He makes 1-2 ram, my horseman need to attack the ram and get destroyed by archer.

Please need some advise, or comfort? Are Mongol too weak in feudal?

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Deer Stones, spam Archers with stone and get +1/+1. You will have way more archers than him and yours are faster due to Yam, Khan and longbows are slow.
I just did this exact thing as Mongols vs Eng (bruh from aoe2) and he is not a bad player

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Any civ that doesn’t get armored units in Feudal is basically GG against a competent English rush. Its completely broken. You’re better off alt F4ing the match on the load when you see they are playing English. When enough people quit playing them, it will get fixed.

Thank you! Tried it so far against Hardest AI to practice and it seem quick and good way to effectively counter english longbowmen. But if he goes man at arm & longbow will probably have a hard time as I will have to do horseman to counter man at arm and they are costyyy. Still have to try it against player.

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and they just made horsemen even worse v MAA… hahahahaha sorry man

Attack archers 1st with horsemen. You should have a better chance there.
Train some archers for spearmen and only focus them.
After killing, rams use vills and units to burn rams.
You will have a much better chance to survive in that rush.

True, but they are just as good as before vs longbows, and rams now take 10 less vil torches to die.