Mongol high Price pasture+TC

I suggest that the pastures and TC are for Mongolia reduced pastures to at least 100 wood and TC to 700 other nations have fields for 50 and TC for 700

About the pastures:
A farm for all civs (except eng) is 75 wood and can house 1 vil to generate between 35 and 50 food per minute. A single pasture gives 1 sheep every 2 minutes (outside uwu) so it generates 125 food per minute. You can have 3 vils early game and 2 late game (very roughly) on a single pasture so its actually Mongols have a slight edge in the cost of getting long term eco rolling.

About the TC:
The extra cost is to compensate for not having to mine stone. Don’t know if I think the extra cost is fair but mongols are very strong as they are and going 2tc is perfectly viable right now so I don’t think it should be buffed unless they receive very strong nerfs and want to give them viability in some other places

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he is really asking to buff mongol?


You do understand you save a ■■■■ ton of wood for not having to build house right?

and they can move tc and the ger where you can drop any resource, like wtf