Mongol horseman rush needs to go

Completely unfun game mechanic. Not really sure what devs were thinking allowing this. I don’t see how this strategy provides any value to this game. Being able to rush and harass before anyone can get any sort of defense whatsoever is just plain dumb. Tell me i’m wrong.

You’re wrong (you did say to tell you).

It’s not even considered strong, watch any high level game and it’s almost never used.

Plus, everyone gets spearmen in dark age.


Except English, but they just could kill the horseman with vills.


Yes and their TC is much more deadly and they have MaA which still win against horsemen, just not as quickly.

As a plat mongol main, i find horsemen very weak and raiding with them can be very hard. If everything is under the enemy TC and they have pikes there is not much to raid.