Mongol Landmark discussion

Here is a rather interesting thought.
When it comes to the Mongols.

Swapping the landmark position, Kurultai with Silver Tree.

Consider that Deer stones are more-economical landmark than a offensive one.
The Kurultai would be a interesting choice for Feudal aggression for mongols.
not to mention have it scale better in the late game, making it a more valid landmark to go for.

Meanwhile in Castle Age, Silver Tree becomes more relevant. Especially on maps that hardly has any gold.
With a few tweaks such as going for silver tree now Reduces to cost of traders also made in Markets.
it would be a descent alternative to the Steppe Redoubt.
If you’ve done enough Feudal aggression and thus have map control. Trade itself becomes far less risky.

It could also syncronise well with the Deer Stones, making deer stones more valuable post-castle age when Yam Speed is upgradable for everyone. being able to move according to changes in the traderoute.

Khaganate palace however. I don’t know. current state it’s a joke. Been trying hard to get it to work but its just to damn slow.
Imo, it be better if it functioned like a Ovoo, just like the White Stupa, but instead of giving stone. It Doubles the production speed of buildings around it.