Mongol mastery #14 (horn and sinew)

Played many games only with mangudai unit and siha bow limbs upgrade (std and improved) against at least 2 AI and no matter what I do i’m not able to unlock it. Is this a known issue? or am i missing something?


I have the same problem, tried many times but no succes.

So I succeed on my last game! what I did was… I produced no Mangudai at all before my two tech was reserched (standar and improved). THEN I produced my first Mangudai of the match to finaly achieved landmarck victory later on. hope it helps

EDITED: also I did not ask my unit to attack directly. I use the ability of the Mangudai to shoot while moving, walking along enemy side to inflict damaged

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Worked for me! Also did not upgrade the Mangudai to veteran!

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thanks man it worked