Mongol Packing/Unpacking bug report

I just played a skirmish game where I was unable to move my Silver Tree and Ger after unpacking. It could there only redeploy at the exact same spot is was on. Quite annoying. Hope this get’s fixed soon :slight_smile:

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Hey @spr! Are you saying that you can pack up the Silver Tree & Ger buildings, but once they are packed they cannot actually move?

If you are able to send along map details with a screencap, it would be super helpful. Thanks!

Yes that is correct. With the Silver Tree, Ger and now also the Barracks I’ve had this.
I’ve had it on both MegaRandom and Lipany so far (and I’ve got a feeling this will be on any map), but only in Skirmish games so far weirdly… Still quite annoying

here’s a screencap of the barracks too