Mongol Piracy Upgrade does not give you correct bounty

I would like to report a Bug that should be easy to replicate:

The Piracy upgrade for Mongols is currently bugged.

It gives you only 25 Wood and 25 Gold.

When the description tells you 50 Wood and 50 Gold.

Addition to getting to small reward.
There is an issue with getting rewards.

Only Arrow Ships (Light Junks) Are able to get the Piracy bounty.
War Junk and Baochoan does not get Piracy bounty when killing enemies ships.

You also do not gain Raid Bounty from setting buildings on fire.

The Piracy bounty is not effected by Raid-Bounty upgrades from Ovoo.

Ships already damaged by an alternate source (War junk, or a teammate) Does not give your ships Piracy Bounty even when Finished off by a Arrow Ship.

Baochoan and War junks gets raid bounty at Random if killing mass-fleet of fishing ships. BUt fishing ships only.


Thanks @Kameho3743! The team is looking into this one.