Mongol QOL Improvements

I can’t speak for any other Civs. I don’t play them. I’m sure there’s plenty of overlap between Mongol QOL and everyone else.

  1. Grid key bind system is amazingly painful for Mongol Players.

A. Since Grid is Universal its logic sets precedence for which icons overwrite other icons if two units with abilities within that grid overlap. That wouldn’t be horrible if the logic made sense. Small issues are the Khans Falcon and Scout Falcon taking separate slots on the grid. Which means Scout is overwritten by Khans additional abilities. Monks are completely overwritten by blank key units. Traders overwrite all other units.

B. Key binds are generally divided into unit control and building control bindings. Players will overlap these bindings to make them comfortable for their hands. At no point can a player have both a unit and a building selected in AOE 4. (Garrison units count as building). So, although the issues in “A” could be explained away as “requiring players to use control groups instead of death ball”. What’s comfortable commanding units does not directly translate into what’s comfortable managing buildings. We’re having to pick between comfortable unit control or comfortable economic control. As a Civ that depends on Intensive Micro and Remote Economic managing (as my camera shouldn’t be locked into my base), this is just not conducive.

  1. Stand Ground Command Untoggles after movement.
    A. We have the Command. It toggles like a formation command would. It immediately untoggles once you reface or reposition your unit group, which very likely, may result in your element dispersing to the wind like children at recess.

  2. Passive Button
    A. Scouting is important. We have Scouts for that. We have a Patrol Function for that. These Scouts are bad at fighting. Why in the world would my “lovers not fighters” charge into the first ball of enemies they come across?

  3. Stutter stepping will cancel Mongol Building Placement.
    A. Generally you can around this by moving units first, then building second. However, currently when a building is placed to be built, if it’s being followed by a sheep or if units intersect with the building while in route to task, they will “stutter step” under the blueprint and cancel the build.

  1. Ger’s count towards the population limit when packed. All other buildings do not. This means once you hit population cap, you can no longer reposition your Gers.

IMO this should work just like AoE 2 DE, with stand ground, defensive and aggressive stance options that affect behaviour while stationary, while attack moving, and while patrolling.