Mongol TC can be placed next to ur tc-landmark once again

If the aoeIV team had already “fixed” this issue as they said and did many patchs/months ago, why is it mongol can do it again? is this a bug? i really hope so, because it would be extremely ODD that somethin they had said to be an exploit and they made changes to prevent it, that now they have allowed mongol civ to do it again. I hope it’s a bug and not a “change” to the civ. please please fix it again. it’s extremly absurd to have somethin like this on the meta once again. That was one of the first changes I really loved when they did it bc the strat is extremely unbalanced.

I believe that the Mongol TC should have to be at least 20 tiles away from an enemy TC. If you’re seeing placement any closer, please let me know and I’ll have the team investigate.

i did. minutes before i made this post. one guy just did it to me. thats why i created this post. please fix it. i believe it has been the worst exploit in the game along with the relic bugs we had months ago.

I talked with some other ppl about and they said the changes were made for the primary Tc and not the others wich sound weird since mongol can put real pressure on dark age they get enough time to get an early second tc while u are defending. it is true u can defend the strat better than before bc it takes more time for them to do it but it doesnt take away that it is a really ■■■■■■ strat and for me is a freakin exploit since they are the only ones that can do it, not the same with tower rushes, after all any civ can do a tower rush, actually chinese and english TR seems a bit stronger for me since chinese can make everything faster and english vills can make some dmg to attack ur gold vils and defend from scout really good and once they place the tower they gain a good bonus.

I actually really love the game besides all the bugs and weird unbalanced stuff we have seen. i dont have a problem with microsoft usin us as test server xD and i hear DLCs are comin, but this is the kind of exploit that makes me not want to play the game even consider not goin for DLCs till they fix.

Gotcha. So the real feedback here you are reporting is that it can be done at all in any Age? Not that it can be done in the Dark Age (which was patched out)?

I thought it was only the starting TC? Did your opponent make another?