Mongol tower outposts being 70 wood, a bug?

The bonus isn’t listed anywhere, is there a reason for this?

it is weaker and doesn’t have the stone upgrade that offers fire resistance

The strength of it is that it can garrison and attack. It isn’t listed anywhere. What exactly is weaker about it?

because, as I said it doesn’t, have the stone upgrade so it can be destroyed with ease.

Except for Rus and the Mongols, all other civs have this upgrade which increases health and gives +5 torch resistance in the feudal age.

Understand what you’re saying, I’m saying it isn’t needed to have 30% cheaper towers. When the faction already has double production, and no Houses. So for every 4 houses everyone else makes, they make 3 towers in your base.

I had assumed it was a 30% cheaper for balance reasons. It’s the only defensive structure that the Mongols get.

Similar to the Fortify Outpost emplacement, Mongols also don’t get Court Architects. Mongols don’t get walls of any type (palisades/stone), nor do they get Keeps. Not getting Keeps also means that they don’t have access to the Boiling Oil technology.

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The thing is that they dont have walls and that’s why outposts are cheaper.
Other civs can wall crucial areas of their territory etc.
But that outpost rush is easier to counter if you are good at scouting and building outposts near gold especially.
Later, the stone walls are super useful in which the Mongols don’t have it.