Mongol Traction Trebuchet animation

You can see in the footage below how there is extending rope far behind the Trebuchet into the ground. It doesn’t seem intentional, at least for us to see it. If I had to guess, it is something put in place to restrict the physics of the Trebuchet projectile-holding rope, but I’d wager we are not meant to see the one in the back.

You can tell how it pulls back the rope, back into the resting position, as to not let it tangle around the Trebuchet afteruse. It should probably be an invisible asset.

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The Rus trebuchet model (Campaigns only) has problems at the rear. Where the long rope appears in a completely straight and solid shape, it can also be seen the player’s alpha channel even below the terrain.
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This is an active issue with the Mongol’s trebuchet. The animation is bugged, I made a post about it here.

I think the string is meant to act as a physics based item to pull back the rope and reset its position. If so, it is probably meant to be invisible. We can obviously see it though.

Thank you both for reporting this. As far as I am aware this one is not on the schedule to be fixed, but I’ll bump your reports up to the team. Thanks!