Mongol unpacking and packing

Is it time? time for mongols to be openly discussed?

One of the more exciting parts of this game is that it tries to not be AoE2 in some places. Mongols have access to one of the more interesting mechanics in the game, the ability to pack buildings and unpack them wherever you want. This mechanic opens up many possibilities and uses for actual gameplay. In fact, the ability to move your buildings around is deemed so powerful that Mongols do not even have walls to defend themselves with.

So I ask you, why then, is it that this is somewhat of an underused feature? Don’t get me wrong, it is featured in every game ever–but, rarely is it central to a winning game, and if it is, it tends to be exceedingly annoying to attempt. So here is two reasons as to why I think this ability is actually being underutilized, as it is a shame that buggy programming is actively preventing Mongols from being enjoyable to many players.

Confused AI?

Packing and then unpacking buildings should be a smooth experience. For a slow moving unit, players should not have to babysit something that they’ve sent across the map and already commanded it to unpack. Yet, the simplest of functions is riddled with issues that Mongol players have to actively try to counteract. Not because it is meant to be difficult, mind you. But, rather because it has been programmed in a non-foolproof way, leading to being an unreliable mechanic. This by itself causes players to avoid these types of maneuvers. Remember, this is not because players do not want to use these mechanics–instead, because it is an unreliable mechanic, that makes players hesitate to use it.

Here is a very short little clip of how it behaves.

On a singular unit basis, it tends to work fine–until, another unit passes their unpacking location. This can be a villager, military or even more problematic; other packed buildings, which causes the command to be cancelled altogether. With singular buildings, there is the work-around of shift queuing a move into multiple unpacking commands. This essentially bruteforces the unit into repeating the action however many times you queued it up. There is however no feasible way to do this with multiple buildings.

Command groups getting erased

When packing and unpacking multiple buildings, some of them will tend to be erased from your command groups. This is a well known issue, which contributes even more to Mongol being unwieldy and stressful to operate when attempting to exercise their most basic mechanic. Here is a clip for those unfamiliar. You will notice how all of these production buildings had a control group at the beginning, after which half of them were erased by the end.

Now, I didn’t record a clip of this, but say you are raiding another player with horsemen, ideally you should be able to select your 3 stables with your control group and unpack them nearby that raid, without ever having to move your camera away from the base that you are raiding. With how things currently stand, Mongol players need to perpetually keep watch of their packed buildings, to see if their control groups got erased and if they ever even unpacked properly. As it stands, it discourages players from attempting this, something that is meant to be core to Mongol’s gameplay.

In the middle of a high-stakes battle, this is what makes these tactics unviable.

The reason I make this post is because as of right now, a year after launch, this is still an issue. And from my point of view, it seems like such an odd thing for them to not have fixed, as it seems so central to Mongol identity in this game. In fact, I’m somewhat astounded that there is so little ruckus being made about it.

I’ll end the post by asking, how do you deal with this, Mongol players? And how many of you also feel deflated about the difficulty in trying to utilize this mechanic at all? I have recently reported both bugs, but I figured I’d gauge how much of an issue this actually is and if we potentially could accelerate the fixing of these bugs by upping them in their priority list.


I’ll end the post by asking, how do you deal with this, Mongol players?

How do I deal with it? I am a Conq 3 former Mongol 1-trick and still play the civ regularly. I don’t deal with it. I simply stopped moving my buildings in most contexts. It’s usually just not worth the attention you spend babysitting the buildings beyond the early game or a few specific cases in the late game (moving a ger to a new deer patch, moving a market to the corner of the map, moving a new building that hasn’t yet been hotkeyed).

I couldn’t agree more with this post. The fact that my only workaround is to just not use the feature is frankly ridiculous. SC2 (hell, even SC1 to some extent) solved moving buildings over a decade ago.


This game mechanic lacks ease of use in operation. It needs to be reworked to be as easy to deploy and move as a siege.

  1. I would like to add that despite the buildings being portable when packed, they are not “units” but buildings, so it would be great if they didn’t bump up the pop limit which is the main reason I can’t use it late game. They fixed it with the Kuraltai, and should just apply that logic to the rest of the packed buildings.

  2. A minor workaround that helps me a bit is a while back they added the “cycle packed buildings” hotkey, which I set to Ctrl+T. So you can hit that, then the grid key T to unpack that one building, then Ctrl+T for the next, etc… It seems to help, but the problem in the first video above still occurs occasionally.

  3. The tech that speeds up packing should increase move speed which could help. Maybe yam could apply to packed buildings right from the start. Getting to the destination faster helps avoid new things blocking it. Though really the issue in the first video is just a bug. There is no unit or building blocking the unpack point, so they should just fix that I think.

Good post. I noticed the AI basically uses the tech as intended, because of course it does, is an AI and can have 200 brains at once, including avoiding a pop limit situation.

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Fully agree with the OP. I was super excited when playing mongols first also due to the packing and high mobility that one would expect to go along with it. However it was just so slow that it it wasn’t really worth it. Production was halted and the packing/unpacking required lots of babysitting. There’s also some issues with unpacking buildings once villagers cross the building right before it unpacks which is just super annoying. Or has this already been fixed? Imo mongols civ should be focused much more on mobility. Rebuilding the base should play a larger role and come with less risks.

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I would imagine this is to avoid some edge case of having like fifty buildings moving around when everyone is at max pop.

Maybe performance related.

They seem to have gone out of the way to prevent things like that, such as monks not being able to convert units beyond pop cap (I wish they changed that so you could).

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