This technology appears to be useless, confusing and rarely used. And if it is used, it is overexploited by building, destroying and rebuilding a group of houses until the maximum allowed population limit is reached. My proposal is that the technology allows packaging the TC to relocate it, it could be something fun and strategically important. As for the houses, something less crazy would be to decrease the cost by 40%.


or just give them 200 pop immediately (dont need houses)

certainly would be fun, and very strong, sounds like a nightmare to balance though

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exactly. it would be a nightmare and mongols already are a good civ.

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That would be lame as you’d essentially be copying the Huns’ bonus. I agree that the current “Nomads” tech is borderline useless.


OR it allows you to pack up and move your houses! Imagine house rushing an enemy! Blocking trade routes! Clogging woodlines!


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I would make it “Deleted buildings return ressources” (ofc only the “healthy” amount)
But it would for example allow to delete castles that are under thread of being destroyed and build up somewhere else.
In the exchange I would tune down Mangudai so they have less bonus damage against Rams (I would remove the siege armor class from rams as rams have their own armor class and give all units with bonusses specific anti-ram bonus if needed).

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Let a new civ to move TC instead.

This would actually fit the term nomads more than anything.

I NEED this so I can sleep peacefully

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