Mongol villagers should be able to hold multiple resources (food, wood, gold)

All of the Mongols’ gathering buildings (TC, Ger, & Steppe Redoubt) accept food, wood, and gold. Hence, all Mongol villagers should be able to hold fragments of these three resources in their inventory.

Current Scenario:
Mongol food gatherer has 3 food in inventory. He is then assigned directly to wood. As soon as he starts to collect wood the food is wiped out of his inventory.

Proposed Scenario:
Mongol food gatherer has 3 food in inventory. He is then assigned directly to wood. Gathers 7 wood. Deposits both food and wood when his inventory is full.


Sorry but what kind of shit is that?
No one will ever use that and it doesn’t make sense. All vills can drop off at tc also, so wtf?

Interesting idea, but really not that useful.

It would maybe save you a tiny amount of resources (like literally single digits) every now and then.

@Lectar91 @CRothlisberger

Consider this scenario: 20 villagers on gold get ambushed in the middle of a heavy battle. No time to deposit on Ger next to gold. You only have time to assign them to a new task of chopping wood where it’s being guarded by an army and outposts.

Hypothetically if each of those villagers had 9 gold in their inventory before being reassigned to wood, you would lose 180 gold.


In that situation there would presumably be a ger at the woodline too, or you would build one on the way right? Then they can deposit the gold prior to chopping with minimal time loss. So mongols already kind of have that advantage. Other civs lose big in those scenarios tho, yes.

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I guess the picture I’m trying to paint is being in the heat of battle with lots of micro. Imagine if the wood line is deeply receded and the Ger is far away. There isn’t really time to select your 20 gold villagers, search around for the wood line Ger so you can deposit the gold, then shift+queue back to wood.

It would be so much easier just to assign them to the wood line knowing you wouldn’t lose the gold they had mined.

Idk, those kinds of command queues are like muscle memory to me now. I just have them build a new lumber mill if the previous one is too far, and then the units automatically deposit once it’s completed before automatically chopping the nearest trees. Does it not work that way if you built a new Ger on the receded line?

I agree your idea would be nice n easy tho, I wish they’d just make that change for every civ, but I guess there should be some punishment for scrambling workers.

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I think this ability would suit the Mongols with their nomadic play style while not being too OP.