Mongol Villagers wont collect gold

I have tried looking for other solutions online or see if Im missing something. But I cant find a fucking thing why my Mongol villagers wont or cant collect gold on a simple skirmish map. Ive seen videos where they should be able to collect stone, wood, food, and gold without a specific buildings but for the life of me my villagers when hovering over a vein doesnt show a collection or mining icon next to the cursor?
For some reason the screenshot through microsoft or steam doesnt show the icon for gathering a specific resource. So I had to take a picture of with my phone. I got one mod on to keep corpses on the battlefield and I’m, not sure that would cause this issue. Map seed is 78caac74

Second screenshot is stone

third one their bag of gold already full and need drop-off first

Yeah i know its stone dude. A tuning pack was causing a mineral (aka gold or stone) bug preventing me from correctly harvesting stone and gold per normal collection methods. A tuning pack that enabled dead bodies to stay indefinitely was causing the issue and has been resolved on my end. But thanks for point out the obvious lmao when I clearly was showing the cursor icon wasnt showing for Gold collection. Villagers didnt have full bags or at capacity to not be able to collect additional gold or stone. So