Mongol Visual bug on packed buildings, this was for Blacksmith

please fix this, makes the game look like poor quality and amateurish.

Hey @TheFibrewire! Is this something you see often? Is this only with specific buildings on specific maps? Does this bug start immediately when you pack up, or does it happen after you start moving over or around specific terrain?


as soon as you pack up, I saw this for Ger as well.

Not sure if Devs are tracking a fix for this issue but it is still present. Steps to Reproduce are unknown to me.

Is this something you see often?

@SavageEmpire566 - From a Dev perspective, no. This isn’t a game-breaking visual bug. This issue is minor and purely cosmetic.

That said, it def. happens. Almost never in the early game, more in the late game, and, in my experience, tends to happen when you’re packing up and moving many Mongol “tents” at once in various locations.

Something I’d think the QA team may want to try, archipelago, gigantic, (old 8+ only) with one player, seven bots, on hardest, Team 1 vs Team 2, no duplicates Civs allowed. Meaning, only one player can be English, French, etc.

When you hit late game, the game performance nose dives into unplayable. There may be an underlying issue that’s connected.

Love the Essence Engine, I’m not a certified engineer that knows how Relic’s proprietary engine works, or from a programing perspective, prioritizes anything. That said, here’s my best guesstimate.

Late game, many units/buildings/movement queues, applies pressure on the engine and some elements “break”. Perhaps the issue stems from a player having queued up too many movement/action commands, across too many different units. Example, “move west, then south, then pick up relic, then take relic home via this explicit path, then to other relic” and the prayer tent is moving at the same time. IDK, just thinking out-loud.

Not sure why I’m typing this in my response about a different bug, sigh Sorry about that! Annnnnnd literally as I’m reviewing this message I noticed the OP’s screenshot was in feudal. Apologies QA, you do you man!