Mongols are the buggiest Civ

Played the game today and am surprised and disappointed so many tooltips are bugged for Mongols and they do not do what they say…


This one is the worst one. They do not get Early Lancers.

Pastures produce every 90 seconds it says: image

But In reality its every 120 seconds:

Piracy says it grants 50 of each image

It only grants 25 of each.

Khans arrow says only doesnt work on Villagers: image

However the buff doesn’t work on packed buildings. And before u say buildings arent units. buildings Still take up population and if ur at 200 pop u cant pack them. (another bug)

Packed Gerrs count as military in ur all army hotkey. (however other buildings do not like stables)

The improved version of Horticulture is still 15%? image

You can compare to image

Shows 20% here.


Defense Arrow tooltip says +3 armor. The buff says +3 Armor. However it only provides 2 Armor (I reported this in the beta…)

Says 50% but it increases the speed by over 100% on some of the buildings.

tooltip says 50% reduction. Khan attack speed normally is 1.88

When u use the arrow it becomes 1.25 image
Appears to be only around 35% attack speed buff not 50%?

The improved trader tech claims to give increased gold? image

However it does not provide any increase of gold. Only to stone. image
(T4 here) image

Manuever arrow tooltip says increases speed 33% image

But the other tooltip says 0.5 tiles per second? which is it? image

Sometimes a trader will not bring extra resources even when u have more than 9

The silver tree can still return resources to a trader while packed

Tooltip says standground makes the unit impassible however buildings that are packed and on stand ground can still be passed through

Tooltip for the age 4 landmark says 30 stone per minute but its actually 240 image


I am play main Mongols in close beta and now I’m a bit disappointed because I can’t rush my lancers in age2 anymore ,why?


Holy moly, i wanted to main mongols, i guess i need to wait


Wow, that is really a lot


Up! Up!!!Up!!!(20 characters)

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Yeah I have a lot of gripes with some of the tool tips, and the Mongol’s seem to have the most issues.

HRE prelates still bug out too (also called out in beta). Insane that game was released in this state.

I believe the Age 4 landmark also produces “Early knights” that do not benefit from the knight upgrade from the stable. Mangudais and horsemen are upgraded however from their stable and archery techs.

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Yeah it makes early lancers, I reported this bug.

This isn’t even an exhaustive list of the bugs. If you research the technology to make the Prayer Tent act as an Ovoo, then you lose out on the two technologies from relic housing. Piety Improved can never be researched along with Shia Bow Limbs Improved.

Not a bug, but for pacing, given how much the mongols are supposed to like raiding, they are terribly equipped for it in the beginning given how long it takes to ignite any building.

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Anyone else get a bug with the Shia Bow Limbs tech not completing? Encountered it while trying to complete mastery 14.

The amount of bugs is crazy but the amount of wrong information is kind of mindblowing and almost insulting to me (there is so much more wrong info throughout the game next to this list). People have pointed these out for weeks now, I don’t get why they’re not fxing it.

It bothers me that, even if they fix all this stuff, my trust in them knowing how to make a good game is kind of lost. We had to spell out every error repeatedly (which really should never have happened in these vast amounts in the first place). From now on when something feels difficult or off I will always have these doubts…is this intended gameplay or another error they don’t know about?

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This is a good list. I’d like to add that the tooltip about White Stupa is misleading. To say “Acts as an Ovoo” suggests that the Ovoo technologies would be able to be researched at the White Stupa (they are not). Either White Stupa should allow Ovoo tech research or the tooltip should be rewritten to be more explicit (similar to the Monastic Shrines tech in the Prayer Tent)

I believe many of these bugs really are just poorly worded tooltips, however.

For example, the Stone Commerce tech suggests that stone is now carried by the traders in addition the gold that is already carried (kinda weird to say this while ignoring the food/wood that is also carried by the time this tier is active). Stone Commerce (Improved) tech suggests that more stone is carried at the same fourth tier and ambiguously suggests that more gold may or may not be carried as well.

Another one on the Attack Speed Arrow. The words used to describe how quickly something attacks is very confusing: Attack Speed (as seen in unit stats), Reload Speed (as seen in Attack Speed Arrow tooltip), Reload Time (as seen in siegeworkshop techs for Springalds and Mangonels).

The devs should really scrub the stats and tooltips for consistent language. “Speed” and “Time” are NOT interchangeable. They are usually inversely related, so this leads to a lot of confusion when trying to understand unit stats/upgrades.


This makes me shiver a bit tbh. They’re kinda broken right now, with thoses fixes they’ll be even more busted. I hope Relic is looking at it !

agree with most, except:

-Khan attack speed is 1.88 divided by 1.5 (50%) = 1.25 which is correct.
-packed trade center/silver tree working prevents abuse with a trade center far away and one close by and pack/unpack to reap benefits from far away one and cashing close by.

Sure am glad I got this through game pass now. Doesn’t seem like the Dev team is very open about communication? What a shame, the game is fun in own right, maybe in a year or two i’ll come back and try it again. Just keep it on Gamepass so I don’t have to pay your outrageous prices for a broken incomplete game.

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so was playing pvp and i destroyed a mongols 3 landmarks but he was not eliminated? is this a bug or what. some of the land marks were packed up when i destoyed them.

This is one of the most frustrating about this game is the inconsistency with information, tool-tips.
It’s just one unclear mess.

They really need someone in charge to step it up, because this is becoming a joke.

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I’m the same way. I also think that it would be rather annoying to have to tell the traders to restart trading Everytime I pack and unpack the trade center.


Did you destroy the starting TC?