Mongols Campaign - Lumen Shan bug


In the second last campaign misson for the Mongols I’ve been stuck for a while now. The enemy waves stop spawing after wave 6. I’ve restarted the mission several times, but can’t seem to get past this.

I noticed several other bug tickets about this subject, but they all seem to be closed, yet the issue hasn’t been fixed.

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Hi @Halvehans, Until this bug is fixed, there’s a work-around here: Mongol campaign Blockade at Lumen Shan - #19 by RadiatingBlade


Thanks a million! =) I’ve been dying to advance so I can complete the campaign.

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Thanks, I did as the video instructs but was not able to complete the mission. The bug is still there, and bugs like these can really put one off the game.

Thank you for reporting, all! The team is aware and working on a fix.