Mongols Dark Age Tower Rush

I’ve been seeing a lot of dark age tower rushes from Mongols lately. The Khan can pressure your gold right away and they can get a tower up before you can since they don’t need to spend wood on houses. Basically they had a tower and a Khan on my gold at 1:30-2:00. I was English, which makes it worse since I can’t make spears until feudal and you need gold for men at arms. I suppose I could go to gold right away, or wood right away to make my own tower. Either way not needing to build houses makes mongols so hard to deal with on so many maps (especially hybrid maps as more expensive fishing ships buffed them). I guess I don’t like that one civ forces you to play completely different from the start of the game. I wonder if making their buildings cost more wood or their towers cost stone would help. Anyway, I was wondering what some of you guys do vs instant mongol pressure.

The English are probably the civ Mongols struggle against the most. If they manage to tower your gold early it’s annoying but there’s probably another gold somewhere you can mine instead. The best way to deal with a tower rush is to ignore it by moving to other resources until you can deal with it. Once you have longbows out in Feudal you could make rams to get rid of the tower. If you can then get men at arms/mass longbows and rams this is pretty hard for Mongols to deal with. Man at arms especially we don’t really have a counter to in Feudal age.

S-tier hyper-OP Mongols tower your gold at 1:30, forcing you to take several immediate countermeasures and play completely different from minute one, to be able to survive.

Relic: No problem. Mongols deserve it.

Weakest, slowest civ Delhi takes up a peaceful, zen sacred site at the corner of the map at 5:00.

Relic: What!?!? Delhi is forcing the other player to respond!!! And Delhi is M*slim!!! NERF DELHI NOW, TAKE AWAY SANCTITY FROM THEM, 15X SLOWER IMP TECH!! FORCE THEM TO 40 SCHOLARS, CAN SLOWEST CIV FIGHT POP CAPPED 160 IN IMP WITH JOKE DUMBOS?? Ha, let’s see if they ever dare to take a sacred site again. That’s how we take care of Age of Empires!

Obs. Above civ tier is not even considering the 127 Delhi bugs.


Yeah English do fine in terms of the matchup when going for their preferred army comp once the game gets going. My issue was that he was towering me before I could even get enough gold to even get to feudal. I guess making 1 scout right away and then going with 2 starting villagers straight to gold and the rest to food is probably the way to go. That said, I do hate that mongols can force you into pre-emptive strategies instead of regular opening like I would do against any other civ. Not being able to make towers in dark age would be nice

If u fear a tower rush, produce an extra scout for 60 food. 2 Scouts can easily kill a villager, even while KHAN ist attacking your scout (takes ages to kill one scout). On top of that just let your villagers help fight if needed. Even if tower is build, take 10 vils and burn it down in no time.

English villagers with their ranged bow are really useful in these situations. It’s not too hard to kill the vils constructing whatever proxy is being put down near your base.

I’ve lost to this when I didn’t scout it until the tower was up before but that’s my own fault. Even then as a previous poster said, there’s other places where you can take gold.

I feel I’m forced to go for relics against HRE and to kill/take hunt against Rus.

this is the whole concept of AOE4… adapt to the very different civilisation-abilitys. This makes more fun then ever!
If you play england, try to benefit from the bastion chain, that gives you attackspeed. Set up barracks and counter the towerattempt. If that means, you can’t do the very first “sheep → house → lumberjack” workflow, then try to deal with it. Mongols are pretty weak against the strong defending mechanism of england.

Speechless… which is fine. No words needed whatsoever.