Mongols Hard AI does not establish Town Center and stalls

Warring Island 4 players, 2 teams.
Team 1: English player + English Hard AI
Team 2: Mongol Hard AI + Mongol Hard AI
On game start, Khan wanders around gathering sheeps but villagers are static and town center is not established.


This happens with hardest AI Mongols in black forest as well. Again 2v2.

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Yup, same happened… Custom match, 2v2 (2 players v 2 hardest AI) in black forrest : Mongol never deployed TC, two villagers came into my spawn location to start chopping wood (wtf?!) and one stayed with the TC, doing nothing.

Second game against Mongol, 2v2, this time 1 player and hard AI v 1 Hardest AI and 1 hard mongol AI… this time hard mongol AI kinda did something, meaning they built an army, outposts everything but 1) never raided even once and 2) took them about 40 minutes to get to Feudal.

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Thank you for the reports! Changes to the Mongol AI are being worked on.