Mongols hide and seek

Extremely frustrating when you age up quicker than an opponent, get more kills than him and do better in economy but he wins because despite you destroying all of his landmarks at different points he hides others then repairs them with hidden villagers and you’re left with no villagers/TC because you didn’t want to also play hide and seek (I was Mongols too).

So your complaint is that your opponent is better than you?


I feel like hiding shouldn’t be a deciding factor in a game where the other guy has done everything else better. Granted, I perhaps should have defended my base/villagers rather than going and sniping his landmarks. If he hadn’t ran away with silver tree I would have won though. It’s a little ridiculous how fast the packed buildings are. He was down to 1 landmark then hid it and once I’d found it and picked it off he’d repaired the other landmarks I’d destroyed. I had a stronger army but didn’t run away/defend my base as I wasn’t expecting him to behave this way. Had he been any other civ I would have won there. Neither of us did the TC rush at the beginning so I thought there was a mutual understanding to not cheese.

You may have a point I guess I have to expect that from Mongols and don’t put everything on an all out attack leaving your home vulnerable.

When this happens or you notice it will happen then take the sacred sites asap and maybe even wall them off with stone walls or something. If he lost his base and villagers he shouldn’t be able to come back for a very good time until them you should heavily invest ok your eco and ensure you are always ahead.
You can also put a few towers on your base and keep an eye on the minimap