Mongols Mastery #5 "Burnt Offerings"

I have tried a number of times to complete Mongol Master #5 “Burnt Offerings”. On the last attempt, I created the 40+ Cavalry using only the double production option from the ovoo influence. I am connected to the servers, and I see no indication as to why I shouldn’t be able to complete the mastery.

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Not sure why it’s bugging out for you. I managed to get this one unlocked. If i remember correctly it was with mangudai. Are you letting the game finish with a win or loss after making the units? Also, just to be safe I think when I did it I made 80 units (2 from each production cycle).

The description says, “Produce 40 cavalry units using improved production buildings influence by an Ovoo”. I created 40+ horsemen from a stable within the influence of an ovoo during a 1v1 skirmish against an easy AI.

I will give mangudai a try.

Tried producing 40+ mangudai from a couple of archery ranges within the influence of an ovoo. Some were produced using 2x, some 1x. Finished the game by killing the enemy’s landmarks. Unfortunately, still no mastery completion. I will try producing 80+ mangudai using only 2x production from a single archery range as you described.

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Let us know how you get on. Would love for you to unlock this mastery so you can move onto the next. So annoying to get stuck because you can’t unlock the next ones till the previous one is unlocked.

I have the same issue, produced many cavalry in bunch of games, still cannot progress in the mastery… Please let me us know if you found a solution

Got Same
Tried several Times
Created more Then a 100 near ovoo

Maybe try to produce only 40 calvary units and no more. Sometimes the Masteries aren’t the most clear on what is required. Kinda wish I can reset this Mastery to try to replicate the issue/solution.

Hmm, I recalled that mastery done by creating mangudai with 2x Ovoo bonus. Then it is done.
I created the others too, not sure which one is working, but definitely finished it few weeks ago.

I tried doing every cavalry unit in the game, 40 of each, but still isn’t working. Not sure what else I can try doing. I even did 40 scouts just in case.

Got the same issue, tried Ovoo, also tried the Building that acts as Ovoo. Not sure what gives. Tried Mangodai, Knights, Horsemen, Scouts.

Game Version:

  • Build Number: v5.0.9369.0


Mastery requires player to produce 40 cavalry units by Ovoo. I at first created 50 Horsemen, didn’t get the mastery, read online about how they used Mangudai, played again, still didn’t work. Tried again but this time with Lancers, again, nothing. Tried one last time and did everything, 40 of every cavalry unit, even scouts and… nothing.

Trigger Event:

Never completes

Reproduction Steps:

Play the game and create 40 cavalry units from Ovoo.

I’m sorry to see that some of you are having issues here! I’ll log this for the team so we can check it out. Thanks, all!

Quick update: Just tried this twice, using a combination of Mangudai and Horsemen, still not working. Will try again with exactly 40 of only one unit type

Has anyone found a solution how to complete the Mastery? I’m having same issue as others.


Got it completed this time by doing 40+ Mangudais using 2x Mangundais with Ovoo.

Completed today using 2x mangaudi. Failed when making 40 random cavalry in dark age.