Mongols need Mangudai cost Reduction to match is worth

they only read what suits them :wink: :wink:

who plays at POP CAP with mangudai?

By the time you reach Population Cap as mongols, you are in Imperial age!

You’ll be making Handcannoneers and Siege instead of mangudai.
If you have cavalry, you have Lancers.
Rarely ever mangudai, unless you wanna raid econ. Never in a fight.

Both Lancers and Handcannoneers are far more Pop and Cost-efficient than Mangudai.

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I will be condescending with the Mangudai, I have calculated that reducing its production to 25 seconds helps it since it has double production with the ovvo

They don’t need stupid buffs that have a possibility of breaking their balance, they need a cost reduction to make them worth producing and use.

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cost reduction and double production of ovvo, that is breaking the game xd

Using stone for Units is not efficient, it is used at the begining of feudal or castle to get units out fast to help out or put pressure then mainly used for towers or improved upgrades not enough stone on map or fast enough gather by ovoo to waste for units until imperial if the game gets there while you have white stuppa.

Also making the cost so low that you can spam it with double production is dumb, only someone like you would think of that.

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Well, the start of feudal can define the game, in addition to having a kahan bonus, mobility, higher attack speed, attacking while moving, it just needs to be cheap to break the game, no
due to condescension, the production time is reduced and that’s it

Reducing the cost doesn’t mean making it cheap. Rus horse archers aren’t cheap and Mangudai at the same total cost would still be more costly because they cost gold and not wood. It doesnt have to even be the total cost of the Rus Horse Archer, but for its effectiveness that’s the cost it should be.

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Historically, the Mongols conquered the Abbasid Empire and its continuation.
So they should be able to win them easily.
Only Mamluks defeated the Mongols.
Not the Abbasids.

At this point I think the best thing is to remove the automatic fire and adjust its statistics


What they need to do is add the HP steal from that god awful Keshek and give it to the Mangudai