Mongols need urgent nerf

I agree, according to my analysis, the Mongol’s advantage is their savings in building houses, they invest it in units, the ovo gives them 106 resources per minute, which is equivalent to an additional spearman or archer per minute, it is a gradual increase Of units.
What seems strong to me is the steppe refuge, I have calculated that each villager collects 60 gold per minute without any technology, the other civilizations, not even with all the technologies until “coopelation” do not even reach 55 gold per minute, with the technology: distillation the mongolian collects 70 gold per minute and with the technology of “cupellation” the mongolian collects almost 80 gold per minute, if you research two of the additional technologies of the “ger” attention, the mongolian collects 90 of gold per minute!! another very strong technology is the kaganate palace, it offers you 960 free resources in 90 seconds, that is, in one minute there are 640 resources, if we add the 106 of the ovo it is 746 free resources per minute, in addition to the other civilizations later of feudal they should make 2 houses per minute are 100 wood, the mongol saves 100 wood per minute by not making houses, in total the mongol has 846 resources per minute of profit.

I think they give it that for not having walls but let’s be objective on closed maps Mongols will never be chosen and on open maps they give it a lot of advantage, that is to say the holy empire also has gold bous but you will never see a holy empire on an open map like arabia; Do we see the elite walling themselves off in open maps? Well, almost not, which doesn’t justify giving Mongols so many bonuses for not having walls, besides it seems like they are going to allow the exploit of cutting down the tree around the fence, so it is not worth investing in fences and that makes the Mongol stronger.

I hope this reaches the developers and they take action.

its beyond broken. Everyone knows this and siege is why this game sucks.
Proves they just rushed this pos out no testing required. Just give me your $60 …yoink

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All Civs will be made to meet the level of the Mongols, not the other way around.


Can’t wait until all the trash Chinese Landmarks will be made on par with Steppe Redoubt!

Barbican of the Sun is straight up a worse Kremlin, so we can expect it to be able to grow wheels and drive around while adding cannons like a moving castle!

Imperial Tax collection bonus is going to make buildings grow a stream of gold coins right to your TC, since the 100% Tax bonus is barely worth anything in the current state

Imperial Academy will be buffed to give you 1200 vision range instead of 120, this is more reasonable given we are changing all Landmarks to meet Mongol Standarts.

Spirit Way makes all Dynasty units free

The Great Wall Gatehouse… well this Landmark is so terrible, I guess we just make it into a wonder and you win the game if you build it!


Yes, this is the future.


I’ve revisited the ovo stone costs for additional mining technologies. I have investigated all the technologies that do not cost stone until cupellation and of the additional ones of the ovo only the first one since it only asks for 250 stone, to be practical do not use the second one because it asked for 500 stone, that is why in the image the boxes are empty of mining technologies and the additional ones of the ovo has 2 points because two technologies are missing to investigate (1/3). That gives 75 gold per minute on each villager

A test with another civ with all mining technologies up to cupellation, that gives a little more than 50 gold per minute. The steppe refuge gives you a higher gold rate in third age than other civis in fourth, without any technology they collect 60 gold per minute and with the 3 technologies and 1 of the ovo, 75 gold per minute.

A correction on the wood, it is better to see it in its entirety the mongolian saves 950 wood by not building 19 houses.
I would bet that the steppe shelter and to a lesser extent the kaganto palace is the reason for so much winrate.

Are you really sure about the 38 houses? :thinking:

I’ll edit it
I’ll edit it

Totally agreed, i’m about to stop playing …
Fully bored of full mangonels fights and mongols overflowing the map with legions without any skill
Wonder never fixed in teamgame
Global meta bout 2 civ and how much artillery you have
This is a way more retarded than all retarded things i saw in many competitive games

ITA WORSE NOW. in team game you dont even need make units . just siege and castles and a wonder to win

I originally thought the auto generation rate of the ovoo was just WAYYY TOO FAST!! I’ve now changed my opinion since the rate is only 105 stone/min?? That’s equal to 2.5 villagers; that’s not the issue…

The issue is the free stockpile can be used INSTANTLY for HUGEE power spikes. No other civ has this ability where they could stockpike ANY resources then almost instantly use it all to mass a HUGE army.

I hope specifically unit production using stone makes it less 2 units produced in the time it takes to make 1. Rather I hope for a 3 units in the time it would take to make 2 (1.5 ovoo units/regular unit production time).


mongolian new patch stats with 11% pick has 55% winrate >1500

I play Vortix, 57 per minute from each villager in the Steppe (age of castles)!!!

Too soon to isolate the win rate at higher elo. Not enough gams played. However nobody suspected the ovoo slight change and castle age khan nerf was gonna legit nerf mongols.

Lets wait for spring update when hopefully most civs get legit updates and hopefully bug fixes

Do u even realize how ,big, picture can yours ,most wins in late game, are?

When there were only 4 games played above 35mins?

Yet winratio is exactly 50% ?

Do u even know what u are talking about?

Seriously devs. I would consider a BAN from forum to this guy for spreading fake news and useless informations.

I wish there would be a more inteligent people providing real informations and feedback or reporting a bugs. etc.

This is absolute NONSENSE just like yours another post about:

Wtf is wrong with that?
Do u realize HRE is able to have 900 g/m in III without even need to mine a gold? I guess you dont
Please for a good of all people reading this forum

Stop posting


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My dude we neeeeeeeeeeeeed moreeeeeeeeee gammessssss played. Especially more than 1 late game…

Besides across ALLLLL elo ratings currently one civ is sitting at the top of all the rest and its not mongol…why you not talking about that civ??? Is it bc you a delhi main???

I will propose about Delhi when he deeply analyzes his case, Delhi is not the reason why the game dropped from 40 thousand players tired of the tower rush and x2 of units

LoL, there is just 1 game that is 50-54mins.
It seems like you don’t know how to read graph.

this graph is not usable for 50-54min matches at the moment, as it has only 1 match. OMG
What are you doing?
Do you know how to make a credible graph or what is a credible graph???

Normally the age of the castles is reached in 15 minutes, there were 48 games analyzed (the majority), with a winrate of 60%

For real though. I Agree. Dont nerf them down. Buff everyone up