[Mongols] Shaman, Trader and Mangudai have different cost when doubled

Mongols unique influence mechanic allows them to double produce, usually for their normal cost duplicated in stone. However, the shaman, trader and mangudai are oddly different.

Shaman: 150g, Shaman x2: 100g, 200s
Trader: 75w, 75g, Trader x2: 74w, 74g, 150s (doesn’t appear to be UI rounding)
Mangudai: 120w, 40g, Mangudai x2: 130w, 30g, 160s

Villagers are also different, at 50f for one, but 50f, 150s to duplicate, but that’s totally fair otherwise Mongols would do nothing but double produce vills.

Thanks @Allurian90! We’re aware of some inconsistencies here and are working on it. Appreciate the report!