Monitor with Freesync flickers black and resets continuously

This issue has previously come up with a few other games. It might be due to the design of my “BenQ XL2730Z” (144 Hz) as I have never seen this reported when searching the internet and the monitor seems to be discontinued.

This almost ALWAYS happens when FreeSync is enabled in AMD Radeon Software and the game starts. With FreeSync disabled this still ALWAYS happens when going to the windows login screen (Win + L) and back, and sometimes randomly happens during gameplay.

The screen will freeze for a moment, turn black and come back as the monitor seems to reset as when changing resolution or turning it on. Immediately this happens again. The time varies from less than a second to 1 maybe 1.5 seconds. Windows reports that the monitor was disconnected and a new one connected, graphics drivers do not crash or report an issue.

Connecting my monitor with a HDMI cable (which does not support FreeSync) limits the refresh rate to 60 Hz and I am unable to reproduce the issue. Setting the refreshrate to 60 Hz via displayport does not prevent the issue.

This is a strange one!

Would you be willing to contact support here with your DxDiag and any Crash Logs and a summation of your issue?

I’ll get it logged internally so we can start tracking if we see any other reports of this.