Monk and Hill bonus Question

Question: If I have a monk and it heals some other units from somewhere above them ( On a Higher elevation) is my monk healing 25% faster or no? After all the monk’s attack is healing so maybe it counts.

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Monk has no attack stat, this game still has some basic sense of realism lol


Interesting… what happens with villagers chopping wood downhill then?

Nothing, villagers don’t use attack to chop wood

You seem pretty new to the scene, trees actually have HP. Villagers actually attack trees.

Trees actually have 20 hp, and villagers would need to attack a tree and kill it before they can start collecting the wood. Villagers have an attack bonus vs trees, so they can kill a tree in 2 attacks. With sappers researched, they can kill a tree in one attack.


Lumberjacks do 15 damage vs trees which have 20 HP. Downhill they do 19 and uphill they do 12. In both cases they still need 2 chops so it doesn’t matter.
However Tatar lumberjacks chop downhill trees in one chop. This might be one of the most useless AOE2 facts to talk about.
Monk healing has no effect from elevation.
(I have verified all of this in scenario editor.)


Elevation still has no effect, it still takes two strikes to fell a tree without sappers

That’s a pretty fun think to think about.

Thx for verifing Haladon! The idea came to me when i was playing el cid mission2 and had el cid in a battle against 2 or 3 knights and i had a monk nearby and used it to heal el cid (the monk was on a hill) and i thought that the fact that the monk was on a hill helped me out. Anyway thx for verifing!


It is useful in AoE I where it takes 4 hits to fell a tree and each tree gives only 25 wood.