Monk bonus idea

→ Monastery available in Feudal Age.
→ Monasteries cost -100w (putting the Bohemian bonus to good use).
→ Monasteries can create Healer

Healer stats:
Train time and healing rate identical to monk
Free to create but limited to 1
Moves faster, say 0.9 tiles/s
LoS = 6 (since healing range is 4, it is the standard 4+2)
Cannot pick up relics or convert units, has a singular purpose

If need be, Sancity and Fervor can also be moved upto Feudal Age for this civ, since the healer is affected by these techs, and these techs only (except Byz TB, Lith TB, and Teuton civ bonus).

Block printing may or may not grant +3 LoS to Healer


Feudal monasteries are nothing new lots of people have said this already.healer seems kinda useless too.

It’s kind of a reason why it is free

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Bengalis future bonus.

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很適合 Armenia