Monk can’t put relic into monastery after loading saving

Just downloaded the game the other day and had this happen today. How is this still a bug based on the date this was reported? That’s embarrassing.

Hello, same issue here in Rus Campaign (last mission) can’t place relic in the monastery 0/0…

Any news ?

I actually have yet to see a single relic be put INSIDE of a church thus far. I didn’t think it really mattered because I figured they would still generate gold… but they don’t.

How can this still not be fixed after 2 months? I literally just ran out of money during the final push to defeat the mongols at the end of the rus campaign - exchanged 40k food and wood at the markets, which still wasn’t enough to sustain my attack… it was a heartbreaking defeat!

please fix this bug.

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I have the same issue as stated above. Why is this not fixed yet? Can we have a status update?

Still an issue in Feb 2022 :frowning:
When loading a saved gave, it’s impossible to deposit the monk relics in the building

Also have an issue with siege vessels, they sometime ignore orders to attack buildings

what the real issue with monks is the fact that you can’t que them to drop of relics properly

Is 5th May 2022, so is more than half a year and I am experiencing the same bug here. There were a few patches and nothing has been done about that? The problem was in the English story, now in the Rus campaign. Is any other way to report this bug? No one seems to answer here.

This particular bug is actively being worked on with the hopes of landing in the next update.

It’s been several months now and this important bug is still in the stage of hopping to be fixed.
It’ s a shame.

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I’m playing the “Destroy Rochester Keep” Campaign with the English and this glitch is unfortunately still happening. Can’t place relics inside buildings. Hopefully this is fixed soon!

Yep! I can confirm that this bug is still there. Was playing the Rus campaign when I found out. And even destroying the monastery and building it again does not work.

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Yeah can also confirm this is still happening

Thanks, all! Priority on this one has slipped a bit, but the team is definitely aware.